Auto Mount ISO at boot for any user

We have a legacy app that plays videos off a CD.  The app will not launch if the disc is not available.  I created an ISO file from the disc but needed a way to auto mount the disc during logon so any user who signed into the PC could use the application.

I finally came up with an easy solution and am documenting here.  Feel free to use and customize to fit your needs.  You need admin rights to complete these steps.  Also, I have only tested this on Windows 8.1.

Step 1: Create a new folder, mine is C:\ISO\

Step 2: In C:\ISO\, create a new text file called AutoMountISO.txt, then edit the file and paste the following command (change the path and ISO name to match your setup):

Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath “C:\ISO\Test-ISO.iso”

Step 3: Rename AutoMountISO.txt to AutoMountISO.ps1, this will make it a PowerShell script.

Step 4: Run gpedit.msc to edit the computer’s Local Group Policy

Step 5: In Group Policy Editor, navigate to:

Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)

Step 6: Open the “Startup” key, browse to the “PowerShell Scripts” tab and add the script

In the “For this GPO, run scripts in the following order:” drop-down box, choose “Run Windows PowerShell scripts first”

Step 7: Click Apply, then OK, and restart the computer.

That’s it!  For some reason, this didn’t work the first time I rebooted the computer.  However, the next time I logged in the ISO mounted as expected and has continued to work ever since.  Even if the ISO is ejected, it will mount again at the next logon.


UPDATE:  I’ve found I need to run the script manually once (right-click and choose “Run in Powershell”) as a user with Administrator rights.  This will prompt to enable the correct Powershell execution policy.  Once that has been done, it should mount the ISO correctly after each reboot.

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