Eat your Tweeties (part 4)

John / May 12, 2017

I’m leaving twitter but wanted to preserve some of my tweets from over the years.  This is part 4 (AND HOPEFULLY FINAL)

  • Annie want some gnocchi? Want some gnocchi, Annie?
  • So amazing that after all these years scientists still haven’t figured out how the pilgrims built the pyramids! #pilgrims
  • Is there still a place for the question mark in modern writing
  • I basically stopped caring when I found out “The Force” wasn’t real.
  • I use humor to hide the pain I feel inside… j/k I feel nothing.
  • The state’s name is from the Choctaw words “okla” and “humma,” meaning “red people.”
  • Dropping my dog off at day-care. #ThugLifeTillIDie
  • What’s the deal with #leashlaws in a bug out situation? Still observe?
  • I love that conversation about how some people say “pop” and some people say “soda.”
  • Wait a sec… was it “Love Trump’s Hate” or “Love Trumps Hate?” Think I may have misread the memo.
  • One of those Disney movie moments where I make a wish & something magical happens overnight & I wake up and wish is granted… It’s Friday
  • I have a feeling we’re in for an awkward President’s Day this year.
  • Murray walks in, Me: Sup, dog? Murray: What’s “Up dog?” Me: …
  • Feature request: Cancel button on elevators.
  • It’s a NyQuil and chill kind of night.
  • All this time we thought ” lol ” was “laughing out loud” but it was actually a drowning person trying to signal for help!