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Magnets for Bathroom Organization

We have a recessed bathroom cabinet in which I’m entitled to a single shelf.  I needed a way to make the most of my limited space.  My solution was to use magnets.

I mounted the magnets with a hot glue gun because I’ve found the glue to be easily removable should I change my mind later.  Tweezers and nail clippers go directly on the magnets.  I also mounted my shaving razor’s cradle with the glue.

The biggest victory was in using a binder clip to hold my toothpaste.  The binder clip provides a metallic surface for the magnets to attach.  The other benefit of a binder clip comes as the toothpaste is used, you can fold the tube (squeezing remaining paste towards the exit) and hold it in place with the clip.

Micro improvements make life that much easier.

Silica Gel Packets in Bathroom

I collected a bunch of silica gel packets and poured the beads into a clear container.  It has a decorative look that fits well in our bathroom.  Bonus side effect is it cuts down on moisture in the room.  I also think it makes the steam and mirror fog evaporate faster after showering.

I have no idea if the silica gel has a lifespan, so it may eventually lose effectiveness.  Hopefully, the gel beads absorb moisture, then slowly releases it as they dry back to original state.  I know you can put the packets in the oven and dry them but that’s not an option when the beds are not contained.

You can order bulk packs fairly cheap on Amazon if you don’t want the hassle of saving until you have enough.