I know, the EDC craze is another marketing fad intended to make me spend money on shiny trinkets and gadgets I don’t need.  As a former owner of two fidget spinners, tons of bottle openers, pry bars, I get it.  I regularly read Reddit’s r/EDC and suspect a majority of users in the community are paid shills.  There are countless “Gear” pages dedicated to showing flashy new tools and “conveniently” providing affiliate links to purchase.  Nevertheless, it’s working and I’ve wasted a lot of money.

The times are changing though, and my EDC is maturing.  I’ve trimmed down and tweaked my EDC to a point that it’s now useful and practical.

So with that, I’ve now created a new EDC “Category” on this blog.  In future updates, I’ll highlight my own thoughts on EDC and how I personally carry and utilize mine.  This page will serve as an evolving list of my ever-day-carry.

Disclaimer: Other than being a customer, I’m not affiliated with the products below and make no money from the links.



Google Nexus 6P

I’ve been using the Google Nexus 6P since they were originally released in late 2015.  I’m hard on my phones and am actually on my second 6P after dropping and breaking the first.    The phone serves as my camera, notepad, calendar/organizer, computer, password vault, and reading.


Carry location:  front-left pocket
Frequency of carry:  daily

Leatherman – Squirt PS4 Multitool, Black

I work in I.T. support and often need pliers, screw driver, etc.  I’ve found the Squirt PS4 to be small enough I don’t notice I’m carrying it, but beefy enough to meet most of my daily needs.


Carry location:  Clipped in back-left pocket using P-7 Keychain Suspension Clip
Frequency of carry:  Daily

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Space Pen with Clip – Matte Black

If you’re not familiar with the Fisher Bullet Space Pen, you’ve in for a treat.  Originally developed for NASA astronaughts to use in space (hence the name).  The Space Pen can write upside down, underwater, extreme heat, pretty much any situation.  It’s also very small when the cap is closed.  Makes for an easy EDC carry.

Carry location: Clipped on “V” (the neck buttons) of polo shirts when at work. Otherwise, in coin pocket of jeans.
Frequency of carry:  Weekdays @ work

Burt’s Bees, Pomegranate

Burt’s Bees lip balm is popular in EDC communities.  I’ve tried various flavors and didn’t care for the texture of the product.  I found it was tough and difficult to spread.  However, the pomegranate flavor is easy to spread and seems last most of the day for me.


Carry location:  Coin pocket when wearing jeans, otherwise front-right pocket.
Frequency of carry:  Daily


Incredible Keychain that I originally backed as a KickStarter project.  It was actually the second cheychain I backed from the designer and love both of them.  They’re easier to remove from your belt loop than typical carabiners, and keep your keys from secure when using.

If I secure the carabiner to my belt loop, there’s just enough distance for the keys to stick hang in my back pocket, which cuts down on jingle noise when moving around.


Carry location:  Belt loop
Frequency of carry:  Daily

Oakley Catalyst – Woodgrain
(Prizm Polarized)

I’m rough on my shades and go through them fast.  These Oakleys have made it for about 2 years and still going strong.  I purchased them on a whim after losing my last pair of sunglasses, but they’ve turned out to be excellent.  First, they are square and not obnoxious “LOOK AT ME” shades.  Second, they have rubber grips on the legs so they never slide around on my head.  Third, they’re plastic, lightweight and flexible.  I like these so much that I plan to purchase another pair when it’s time.

Carry location:  Face
Frequency of carry:  Daily

Direct Action – Dust – Tactical Pack

Working in I.T. and supporting multiple locations, I need a good pack for when I’m in the field.

I used to tote a chive-green Northface Jester backpack, which was honestly a great pack.  However, I was looking for something in a slightly smaller size, but with more compartments for organization.  I happened across a thread about Direct Action’s new “Dust” pack being released and instantly fell in love.

I carry two drinks to work daily, coffee for breakfast, and soylent for lunch.  The Dust pack has two bottle holders.  It also supports a camelpack (I dont have one) and has plenty of compartments inside.  Not to mention the buckles and straps allow for some good expandability.

Carry location:  Back/Shoulders
Frequency of carry:  Weekdays @ work

Still to come:

Wallet, Backpack contents, Coffee

Uniform aka work clothes vs casual